Coldest weeks – bring on Spring!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like these last weeks seem to have been the coldest on record! With the Beast from the East still blowing its way over into the month of March, I think we have all been pining for some warmer weather.

And while I am sure you have all been wishing your bobble hats away back into the eaves of the attic…I simply couldn’t resist making these Spring-time Beanies.


Inspired by bright Spanish colours El Beanie Primavera (The Spring-time Beanie) is the perfect companion on these last days of winter to bring us nicely into Spring.

Using the softest cotton merino blend, these textured beanies are a dream to weave up, just taking a couple of hours.

And while Spring is almost lighting up our lives, there is sure to be the arrival of the cutest new babies. These Breton inspired beanies – Le Beanie Breton  and La Beanie Bretonne – will keep your newborn cuties warm, cosy and très chic during those beautiful spring-time walks.

Match them up perfectly with some Breton beauty booties, so you can all sit back and dream of the most delicious holiday on the sunny beaches de la Côte Bretonne <3.

#labeaniebretonne #labeautybootiesbretonne
#lebeaniebreton #lebeautybootiebreton

I adapted these wee treasures from Beanies & Bobble Hats by Fiona Gable, highly recommended for lots of lovely and easy-to-follow beanies and bobble hat patterns.

Quick and Stylish knits by Fiona Goble

So while that beastly Beast from the East appears to have been tamed, happy Tuesday to all you lovelies and don’t forget to weave up some dreams this week.

For more details on these handmade items, take a peak at my latest instagram posts or visit my new Etsy shop.


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