How to make mega chunky wool

For any of you who love to knit and/or crochet, you will understand that buying wool can quickly become an obsession – especially if you have a ton of projects on the go.

Multicoloured wool stash

I recently purchased some mega chunky wool for arm knitting, but found it tended to pile easily, and, after a few stitches, I was practically wearing the wool!

So, as I was in the mood for making some soft furnishings, I set about researching various wool options that would be soft, durable, easy to wash and still look amazing. My initial idea was to combine 2 or 3 balls of wool, by knitting them together, to make one mega chunky wool.  Rooting through my huge wool stash, I came across a 500 gram ball of cream/beige DK wool, I then split this into 3 balls, pulled together 3 strands of wool and knotted these together at the top, to make one super chunky strand. And the rest goes as follows:

Tools: 10mm knitting needles

Abbreviations: K – Knit, P – Purl

Pattern: stocking stitch

Cast on 4 stitches

Row 1: K to end

Row 2: P to end

Continue in stocking stitch until you have nearly used up all three balls of wool, leaving enough to cast off 4 stitches.

Weighing up mega chunky hand knitted wool
Enchantada – Hand knitted chunky wool

I loved the plaited design of the wool, and as stocking stitch tends to curl, you can’t see the wavy lines on the “wrong” side – job done.

Having established that I absolutely had to buy super chunky wool, I hot footed it to Yarn etc. based in Harrogate, an amazing wool shop with super friendly staff, always happy to advise on which wool to buy, they helped me to choose the best wool option for my next projects.

I went for a super chunky 100% premium acrylic wool, this means it is durable, easy to wash at 30 degrees and still super soft with NO piling! So it looks and feels A M A Z I N G.

I fell in love with lemon yellow, fuchsia pink, minty blue and burnt sienna wool balls, bought two of each, razzed home and knitted up the most sublime mega chunky wool…


Now, I will admit that I am not the fastest knitter, I have witnessed super speedy knitting but am yet to master it – so yes, it took a little while to knit these up, but it was well worth it.

So there I was, assuming Winnie the Pooh thinking pose – “think, think, think..HOW can I quickly make up a mega chunky wool?!?!” And then, a light bulb moment…


…CROCHET two strands of wool in one long chain = one ball done in half an hour.


Stay tuned to find out what I made out of this spring/sunmer coloured wool…

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