La Pose Derrière

Pose Derrière La Collection

I hope you have all been enjoying these last sunny days and making the most of those rays of sunshine! And doesn’t the sunshine just make you want to smile all day long?!?

So, following my last post on how to make chunky wool, and now that we can actually spend some quality time in the sunshine, I thought there was no better time to share my latest spring/summer seat creation – La Pose Derrière or Curtsy Seat. I created this name by researching various ballet terms related to a curtsy ballet pose.

Ballet Pointe Pose

So by combining Pose (Pose or Position in English) and Derrière (behind), I wanted to create a Spring/Summer seat that was elegant, smart, versatile, durable and super comfy – for the whole family to enjoy.

La Pose Derrière – Curtsy Seat in jaune citron

La Pose Derrière can be used as a chair cover (indoors and outdoors) – ideally for a bistro style chair, we are not lucky enough to have one of these, but as you can see, it can be easily tied to your preferred seating option.

La Pose Derrière – Curtsy Seat, versatile seat ties

Then I asked myself, how do I make it easy for the seat cover to be converted into a comfortable floor mat?  As in, I really don’t want it to be lumpy or wobble! Using my hand crocheted ties, I turned the seat cover over, laid the ties down and wove them through a couple of stitches, et voila, it worked!

La Pose Derrière – Curtsy Seat, floor mat transformation

La Pose Derrière was converted into a very comfortable floor mat, ideal for my eldest daughter Rosa to curtsy-sit on and read her favourite book! Equally we have been using La Pose Derrière in its floor mat option as a snack mat, tv mat, general sit-down play mat – my kids love them!

So, while I wait for my bistro chair and well as the weather has been so great, I may well just pop one in my bag to sit on the green, green grass of the Harrogate Stray, have a little picnic and indulge in a girly novel. Time well spent in my opinion.

And just maybe, as so sweetly sung by the great Tom Jones in this glitzy live version of ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home‘ I’ll find good company in my lovely home town of Harrogate…

“Yes, they’ll all come to meet me, Arms a-reachin’, smilin’ sweetly, It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home”

If you would like to browse these creations and more, take a peak at my new shop. If you had other colours/sizes in mind, I would be delighted to make you up a bespoke Pose Derrière. Happy sunny days indeed to you all!








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