Hi there, or should I say, enchantada – pleased to meet you, my name is Lesley, and I’m so happy to meet you here on my multilingual blog!

I am a 30 something (forever young) mum of two gorgeous kiddos (Rosa – aged 7 and Frank – aged 4), based in the oh so beautiful spa town of Harrogate.


This blog is all about lifestyle, contemporary design, travel, food, family and international news written in English, French and Spanish.

Fluent in French and Spanish – I have come on an amazing journey, learning these two languages from high school to university and living in Spain, France and Belgium – these experiences have and continue to inspire me everyday.


So, what does enchantada mean? Basically it’s a mix of the French and Spanish phrase “pleased to meet you” – enchantée and encantada…and I really am pleased to meet you all here. So, welcome, enjoy and comment away on my musings that I hope inspire and help you along your life’s journey.

If you would like to work with me, please contact lesley.taylor.enchantada@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you!